Africa Bound 2007

We made it!!! Thank you again for you prayers, support and encouragement. We are already planning a bigger mission for next year.

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Thank you for checking out my site and for reading on...I want to tell you today about an incredible opportunity that I have been given that will have a global impact.  On July 20 – 29, 2007, I will be traveling with a team of 28 adults from Alice Drive Baptist Church in Sumter, SC to work for social justice and HIV/AIDS relief in South Africa.  More specifically, we will be working with a strategic partnership that has been formed with Charity and Faith Mission Church in Mamelodi, South Africa

As you may know, Southern Africa is now the epicenter of the global AIDS crisis – a crisis that has already killed 22 million people in Africa with 3 million more dying every year.  This pandemic has already inspired international stars like Oprah (Oprah Winfrey Show) and Bono (from the band U2) to give millions for relief.  Sadly though, much of that money is falling through the cracks because it is only going to pay for medicine and supplies, rather than creating a sustainable way of life that will not only decrease the rate of those infected with HIV, but will also give South Africans life skills that will enable them to maintain a prosperous existence long after the money and volunteers run out.           

Check out more info about the AIDS crisis in Africa:

The Awake Project


Our team will be a part of the solution to this crisis by spending 9 nine days doing things like building an AIDS hospice center; teaching life skills like how to maintain a constant food supply and how to run a business; giving medical care to many orphan children that are ostracized from their communities; and most importantly, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ that can give anyone who asks an eternal relationship with God.

I believe God has called me to go on this trip and I thank Him for the financial means to do so. 

The following Saints and Angels are supporting me on my trip

Greg and Mary Ellen Psaltis Kurt and Lisa Schubert Betty Thames (Mom) Matt and Julie Witt
Women's Circle
(Home Branch Baptist Church)
Thomas Pope and Family Paul and Sarah Evangelisti Jay and Jeanine Crawford
Susan and Dave Bishop Chris and James Blakley Kathy Payne Greg Alford
Boyd and Yolande Charles Buddy and Mildred Avin Tammy Hargrove Lisa Webb
Susan Arrants Beverly Foraker Janelle Deluco Kevin and Jeanine Hasslen

I want to encourage you to partner with me on this trip by contributing Prayer Support. 

Will you consider helping me to combat the number one killer in the world today?  This is a huge task that needs a huge God.  My prayer is that this trip will be one piece of the puzzle that God uses to bring social justice and love to a hurting people. Please pray for us to have an impact for the kingdom of God and in the lives of many in Africa.


In Christ,